Happy to be here

With Christmas being less then 36 hours away, this could be a stressful time. But it’s not. I’ve just “resigned” from the most stressful job I’ve had in almost thirty years of employment and started a job as a minimum wage employee in a retail store. Stressful? Not hardly. I’ve spent more time with my five daughters over the last six days than I have in the last four years – or longer. We’ve been caroling, shopping, crafted and now we’re starting a blog. We’ve created chore lists, organizational charts and all in the name of good family bonding.

Why on earth would we spend the first week of holiday break doing such boring tasks, you ask? Because quality family time is more important than a paycheck, especially when the countless hours you put into that paycheck are not appreciated as much as the family time. Nothing is worth denying your children hugs, dramatic school stories and award show appearances. I know you hear it all the time, but only because it’s true – your children are only young once. Carpe Diem!

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